Projector : HD Digital Projectors, and Projector Accessories

Projector : HD Digital Projectors, and Projector Accessories

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Standard Projectors
Standard Projectors

Set up your board room great resolution, vibrant color, excellent brightness and a variety of inputs.

Advanced Projectors
Advanced Projectors

See stunningly brilliant color that delivers ultra-bright graphics and video. Perfect for important presentations.

Mobile Projectors
Mobile Projectors

Project anytime, anywhere with amazing clarity and brightness. Great for the travelling worker.

Shortthrow Projectors
Short Throw Projectors

Perfect for smaller rooms, short throw projectors need less distance between themselves and a surface.

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The right projector will have a huge impact on your presentation. At Dell, we help you to get the right equipment you need to present yourself in a professional and high-tech way. We have a wide range of projectors and devices and will help you find what you need, whether you are looking for an HD projector, a mini projector, or the installation components.
A business projector can be used in a number of different situations, from an informal meeting to a huge lecture hall filled with executives. The ideal video projector will consistently deliver a crisp and bright picture and make it easy to present your information in a clear and informative way, and our projectors have been designed to help you represent yourself and your business in a positive light. Take a look at our range of projectors and find the one that will fit your company's needs and budget.

Similar to other resellers of software and peripherals, Dell does not warrant software and third-party peripheral products. Software and third-party peripheral products are covered by the warranties provided by the original publisher or manufacturer only.