Alienware TactX HeadSet

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The Sound of Victory

The new Alienware TactXTM  headset is engineered for high-quality audio performance. Built with a custom-engineered soundscape and optimized to single out key in-game sounds, this headset can definitely give you a clear advantage against your opponents.

Fragging Your Enemies Just Got Easier

Avoid being caught by surprise. The Alienware TactX headset is designed for crisp audio clarity, so you can hear your enemy’s every move.

Retractable microphone

Call for backup with a retractable microphone that stows away when not in use.

Lightweight design

Enjoy endless hours of destruction with a headset designed for extreme comfort and countless hours of extended use. Full-sized ear cushions fit gently around the ears for long-term comfort and background noise reduction.

Alienware TactX™ Headset
Alienware TactX™ Headset

3-piece construction

Take your game virtually anywhere. Dismantle the headset into 3 separate parts for easy stowing and transport.

Braided audio cord

Sharpen your sense of hearing with impressive sound quality and help prevent degradation of high frequencies with a cord that delivers exceptional sound performance and is designed to withstand the most extreme gaming conditions.

Gold-plated connectors

Enhance signal integrity by optimizing signal transfer and resistance against corrosion and wear.

Alienware TactX™ Headset
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